Hand Biomechanics Lab

Hand Biomechanics Lab

At Hand Biomechanics Lab we believe the optimal approach for developing new technology extends from a “partnership” between surgeons and bioengineers. Society extends each surgeon the exclusive privilege of exploring and repairing the diseased parts of our bodies including not only…

…the brain and heart but also the metabolic and musculoskeletal machinery. With education, experience and intuition, the orthopaedist develops an understanding of how the parts fail with age, trauma and disease.

The surgeon is almost always the one who first understands the need for, and design concept of, a new technology. It is the engineer who takes the surgeon’s ideas and transforms them into efficient and strong geometries that can help restore function. It is the synergy of these two professions that solves the critical issues.

The biomechanics lab is where ideas can be safely tested. New technology and its initial “clinical use” should be confined to cadavers whenever possible. Anatomy and biomechanics should drive and define all R & D efforts. We have found that the knowledge we generate with basic science studies provide an environment for understanding how the normal wrist and hand functions. From that, the joys of reconstructive surgery and medical device design can take place.

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