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First, check this page to see if there is a distributor in your area.

Territories not covered by distributors are supported directly by us. If this is the case, contact us directly.

Our products are available for sale in the United States only.

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Hand Biomechanics Lab, Inc.

800-522-5778 or
916-920-2215 Fax
Distributor Territories
Florida – Northern to middle part of state
VT Industries
Randy Hebert
352-622-0050 Office 352-622-1060 Fax
Florida – Jacksonville
J.E. Padgett & Associates
J.E. Padgett
904-545-9050 Mobile 904-289-9644 Fax
Ortho-Solutions Corp.
Butch Swoop
678-575-5799 Mobile 770-393-2295 Fax
DC, Maryland, Virginia
Navilus Medical
Paul Sullivan
703-980-2814 Mobile 703-739-0785 Fax
TCM Medical Solutions
Patrick McNelis
586-201-7727 Mobile
Bockrath Medical
Dave Bockrath
937-602-2884 Mobile
Puerto Rico
MIM Medica Corp.
Ivan Davila
787-751-6256 Office 787-772-9374 Fax
Texas – Austin
Orthopedic Sales and Service
Bill Woods
512-569-1487 Mobile 866-415-1809 Fax
Texas – San Antonio
Orthopedic Sales and Service
Jesse Wallace
713-906-1707 Mobile 866-415-1809 Fax
Northern Medical Surgical, Inc.
Dan Lange
 800-633-2366 Office  262-695-9465 Fax

Customer Service 1.800.522.5778 | Sales 1.888.974.7852 | Fax 916.920.2215

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