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The TurnKey FCS is our new external fixator for treating acute, dorsal fracture dislocations of the PIP joints of the fingers. Learn More

Agee TurnKey FCS Logo

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The WristJack External Fixation System for distal radius fractures allows incremental adjustment of palmar tilt, radial inclination, length and rotation. Learn More

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Developed to reverse severe PIP flexion contractures, the Digit Widget utilizes the principle that an extension torque applied over time will result in the lengthening of shortened palmar tissues. Learn More

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Clinical Application of Hand Mechanics Blog

John M. Agee, M.D.

At Hand Biomechanics Lab we believe the optimal approach for developing new technology extends from a “partnership” between surgeons and bioengineers. Society extends each surgeon its exclusive privilege of exploring and repairing the diseased parts of our bodies including not only… Read more

Customer Service 1.800.522.5778 | Sales 1.888.974.7852 | Fax 916.920.2215

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