Our approach to difficult clinical problems begins with the privilege of patient care. The research team creates new device solutions, developing prototypes for cadaver surgery, in house quality control, assembly and sterile packaging, delivering device solutions…

from our workshop to yours.


Digit Widget Product Info

Developed to reverse severe PIP flexion contractures, the Digit Widget utilizes the principle that an extension torque applied over time will result in the lengthening of shortened palmar tissues.

The PIP Fix is our external fixator for treating dorsal fracture dislocations of the PIP joints of the fingers providing palmar translation and adjustable length restoration.

The WristJack External Fixation System for distal radius fractures allows incremental adjustment of palmar tilt, radial inclination, length and rotation.

Drop-in replacement Blade Assembly to fit on the 3M or MicroAire standard ECTR pistol-grip system.

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